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G3 is Pretty

I've been playing TS2 again lately instead of updating my years-behind journal.

Please accept this peace offering of what I think are some of my cutest Gen 3 chicks.

I'm sure there's some good-looking dudes, too, but, you see... I don't care.

There are a lot of sisters and alternate version Sims in G3, so get used to seeing this face, for example.

Lighting! It's a thing.

Some of my Sims look like doofy people I knew in real life.

I like doofy faces.

And awesome faces.

And that nose.

God I love that nose.

Hot and telekinetic!

My French Sims look so French.

I love the dorky expressions best.

Who says all TS2 Sims look alike?

Idiots, that's who.

Even the Townies are cute.

Superheroes are rarely ugly.

Déjà vu.

What can I say? It's a good face.

Hey! YOU'RE not from this generation.

But nobody will recognize you so we're safe.

More Townie love.

The second-most-adorable Sim I've ever produced.

In possibly the best pic I've ever taken.

G3 has Sims from more than fifty different ethnicities.

To shake up the white people party that's been going on for far too long.

I wish I'd done it sooner.

Here's a fun experiment to try on your own:

Make hot Sims out of ugly Sims without actually changing their genetics.

When you're done with that, make trees that float.

Thank god for all that CC I've accumulated.

I like awkward Sims.

Love that hair.

TS2 is the best for making weird Sims.

That is one heckuva smile.

Repurposing Sims from my original neighbourhoods has had some really neat results.

Turns out my old faces are nothing like my new faces.

Most of these were made from scratch years ago and then dolled up recently, but some (like this one) were actually born in other neighbourhoods... and then dolled up recently.

Fun with accessories.

Vietnamese Sims were interesting to make, because it's more in the face than in the skintone.

When in haircut doubt, go bald.

Obligatory hilarious sexface.

One of my all-time favourite Sims.

And my #1 most adorable.

Her name's Sumati.

And she's perfect.

Oh, yeah.

I do heights in G3.

Also dat bod.

This one looks dull in Body Shop and awesome in motion.

You never know how much the personality will add.

A Maxis Townie hit with the un-ugly stick.

I've always liked eastern faces.

Fictional redheads look better than real ones in my experience.

From Indochina with love.

Yeah, sisters again.

And daughters.

And sisters again again.

Speaking of which!

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