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Odds and Sods

I know, I know, I'm awfully chatty lately. I have to force myself to leave the updates alone until people have a chance to read them, but sometimes stuff just needs to be said.

First off, some of you have noticed the occasional implication in my updates that I'm way, way, WAY farther ahead in the game than the current updates. Want to know how far?

I have 17 568 pics to sort through after Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Two. To compare, the twenty-five updates that have gotten us this far have required me to sort through 8 971 pics. Yeah, that's right. I'm so far ahead that I have over twice the amount of story left to tell SO FAR as I've already told... and I've already told a LOT. I guess the message here is... don't expect to see the end of the Chronicles any time soon!

On a less enthusiastic note... I doubt that my original Pine Valley is gonna get me through much more gameplay. It's starting to show its age, and cracks are forming in very inconvenient places. When the thing finally blows, I intend to meticulously evacuate all of the important Sims.

That's harder than it sounds, because you need to carefully remove their relationships with and memories of every single Sim who isn't coming with them to the new 'hood. It will take hours upon hours, because I've identified more than sixty Sims that I can't live without! Doing it the quick and dirty way, loading them into packaged lots and bringing them on over, would quickly doom the new 'hood. So if, and when, this epic mess occurs, expect to hear about it. AT LENGTH. I've just grown too attached to these buggers to let them die in the doomed world I've created for them. Where will they head to after Pine Valley? Probably further into the wilds of Clover County, since I never got any use out of the subhood I made of it. To be honest, it'll be kind of refreshing... Centreborough is beautiful but lagtastic, and Pine Valley's faults are starting to get a little grating.

Stick with me, folks, the ride's not coming to a complete halt any time soon. Assuming I can find a better host for those pesky images...

P.S. Chapter Twenty-Two B was recently uploaded. Just letting you know so that this post doesn't obscure it. I also fixed some faulty pics.


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Jan. 5th, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
That is a helluva lotta pics! Damn!

You have far more patience than I.
Jan. 5th, 2011 04:12 am (UTC)
Of course, a good half, or even two thirds of the pics will end up getting passed over. A lot of them are multiple angles on the same events, or got fucked up at the last minute, or the like. I actually really enjoy sifting through them, it reminds me of the things that happened and it's like seeing the game I played from an audience's point of view. Conversely, the way I write each character in this journal is affecting the way I see them when I play. It's all good.
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