gruglysims (gruglysims) wrote,

WordPress Version

I've started migrating the journal to WordPress using my own site, since I'm already using my own hosting for all the images. If you're thinking of starting the story for the first time, or starting it over (how flattering!) you should check it out at the source instead of here at shitty old unreliable LiveJournal - half the time the evil gnomes who run LJ can't even get my images to load correctly.

The new home of Gruglysims!

I'll still be updating my LiveJournal. It just won't ever be the best place to read my updates.

So far I've uploaded the first forty-two chapters. Working on the rest soon; LJ is so old and broken you can't export it at all, so I have to copy out the code for each chapter individually and make whatever alterations are necessary to get it to look good on WordPress. It's not exactly fast, but not exactly tedious. A sort of vaguely uncomfortable medium, I guess.


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