gruglysims (gruglysims) wrote,

Fixin' for Forever

This is probably the fiftieth time I've posted about "fixing" the image hosting problem I've had since the beginning.

I've had my own webhosting for a while now, and I've also had a false memory of uploading all my images there, which in retrospect would have been a Herculean undertaking. What I actually did was upload all the adult images, so I could drop my hosting at the hilariously on-the-nose FileFap. What I'm doing now is slowly, painstakingly downloading all my images from Photobucket, moving them to, and re-coding every chapter to point to the new files. It's gonna take a while, but it's also gonna permanently consolidate my stuff at a source I have control over. Meaning? The Chronicles should always be up, either here or at, with no broken images at at least one of those two places.

We'll see.

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