gruglysims (gruglysims) wrote,


1. Every Photobucket link I could find has been replaced with a link to a file on my private hosting. This took dozens of hours. Photobucket was letting me hotlink versions of my files at, like, one-fifth quality, which was what you saw if you looked at any old entries recently. I went into my backups and found every one of the original files and replaced the links in each chapter. If you find anything missing now, please let me know. On that note, though...

2. I've also uploaded every chapter to my WordPress, which again is my new preferred home for the Chronicles since a) I have total control of it and b) the images load there much, much better. LiveJournal loads them badly. Very, very badly. Not at all, in fact, half the time. Every chapter here now has a link under the title pic to a much more stable version of the chapter there. There are no links there back to here, of course, because fuck here, meaning LiveJournal, it's fucking Russia.

3. If you were going to re-read, now would be a good time, because the archives have never been this solid before. A few posts in-between chapters might have broken images and links. I'll fix them when I get the urge.

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