gruglysims (gruglysims) wrote,


Okay. Okay. Okay.

I've fixed the images. Again. Again again. For the hundred thousandth time.

This latest fiasco was because LiveJournal got all security-scared, because Russia really cares about your privacy, see, and started accessing my spoopy http links through a proxy, which my file host wasn't having any of. So I got an SSL certificate and boosted my security to https, then edited ALL THE FUCKING LINKS IN THE ENTIRE JOURNAL to point to https instead of http. Now the images are back. Again.

I'm not going to make my usual comments about finality and success this time because it looks like I'm going to be editing these entries for the rest of my life. I have recoded, re-recoded, and re-re-recoded them so many times I'm amazed the HTML still works. In a lot of cases it's not pretty coding anymore, even though I did it all myself rather than using a GUI, because I've had to do so many search-and-replace functions on it to eliminate links to Photobucket, FileFap, and I don't even remember how many other sites.


Five minutes from now, who fucking knows.

Let me know if you see anything broken. I don't have the heart to look over 300+ chapters for broken images right now.

But it's nice to be back.


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