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Free Novel Download: SERIAL ADULTERY

Well, I've been working on this for quite a while, and with Chapter FIVE! HUNDRED! finally out the door, and so many of us trapped in the door, so to speak, there'll never be a better time.

Have my first book!


This is the revised, slightly expanded, and considerably fancier second edition of Serial Adultery, the novelization of the first nine-and-a-half chapters of the Sharpesvale Chronicles. Download here in .pdf format!

A killer serial with serial killers; a light-hearted orgy of betrayal and murder; wrongdoing weirdos in the woods. The self-consciously fictional founders of Down Valley only want to bang each other silly in over-the-top sex scenes and die old, rich and famous. But a society of theatrical nihilists, a murderer with an unusual weapon of choice and a series of supernatural beings, not least of all the eccentric, omnipotent, and whimsically cruel narrator have other plans. Can our agonists (both pro- and ant-) survive the hell that is other people, creating a community which might sustain an entire series of humourous, dramatic, erotic novels in the process? Sparks, baseballs, axes and bodily fluids fly in every direction throughout this absurd, self-aware, (amateurishly) illustrated volume of immaculately-crafted whackjobbery, the first funky movement in A Symphony of Sex and Death.

400 pages of fourth-wall-buggering musings on the nature of life as a figment of one man's imagination, delivered by the man and the figments, while the figments fuck and murder each other. How can you go wrong?


1. Completely re-set type.
2. Expanded text, with new snarky jokes, footnotes, and such.
3. Eight new character illustrations! The new total is thirty-sex. I mean, thirty-six.
4. All illustrations brought up to nearly the standard of the next book in the series, Charnel Knowledge, which is coming along horrifyingly, which is to say, well. The updated illustrations have coloured line-art, better labels, and an overall higher finish.
5. 158% more commas! The first edition was a little too... breathless.
6. No typos corrected, because there were no typos.

These additions and alterations will be migrated to the e-book version soon, for all you early adopters!

Thanks for everyone who purchased the thing in its initial run; hope to see you back for the sequel!

If you do read the book, please, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought. Or felt. Unless you didn't like it, in which case not tonight, I have a headache.

Oh! Here's a look at the difference between the illustrations in the first and second editions, for your edimification:


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