September 26th, 2017

Show Girl

Girl Power

Random post!

I've been making superheroes for my Sims game as part of a Generation 3 storyline. I wanted to share one of them because... I wanted to.

Among quite a few of my own creations, mostly inspired by ridiculous punnery (e.g. Climate Changer and Doctor Away), several are direct parodies of existing superheroes. The most easily parodied was DC's Power Girl, best known for having had her breasts progressively inflated during her early appearances and for having, instead of a logo, a goddamn tits window.

In recent years (decades), however, Power Girl's writers and artists have been able to make her a strong and interesting character in her own right whilst playing around quite cleverly with her absurd male-gazedness. She's often used to call characters out for the kind of immaturity that her creators suffered from.

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