May 9th, 2020


Free Novel Download: SERIAL ADULTERY

Well, I've been working on this for quite a while, and with Chapter FIVE! HUNDRED! finally out the door, and so many of us trapped in the door, so to speak, there'll never be a better time.

Have my first book!


This is the revised, slightly expanded, and considerably fancier second edition of Serial Adultery, the novelization of the first nine-and-a-half chapters of the Sharpesvale Chronicles. Download here in .pdf format!

A killer serial with serial killers; a light-hearted orgy of betrayal and murder; wrongdoing weirdos in the woods. The self-consciously fictional founders of Down Valley only want to bang each other silly in over-the-top sex scenes and die old, rich and famous. But a society of theatrical nihilists, a murderer with an unusual weapon of choice and a series of supernatural beings, not least of all the eccentric, omnipotent, and whimsically cruel narrator have other plans. Can our agonists (both pro- and ant-) survive the hell that is other people, creating a community which might sustain an entire series of humourous, dramatic, erotic novels in the process? Sparks, baseballs, axes and bodily fluids fly in every direction throughout this absurd, self-aware, (amateurishly) illustrated volume of immaculately-crafted whackjobbery, the first funky movement in A Symphony of Sex and Death.

400 pages of fourth-wall-buggering musings on the nature of life as a figment of one man's imagination, delivered by the man and the figments, while the figments fuck and murder each other. How can you go wrong?

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