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Download Some Screwed-Up Sims!

Seeing as my original founder download links probably no longer work, and seeing as how foulmouthtom has requested her (happy belated birthday!) I present for your downloading and consideration...

Abigail Young! As her three-year-old bio states, "Abigail Young has never been quite like other people her age. She's into science fiction, computers, and chemistry, hates pop music, and never showed much of an interest in boys. Will she find romance in Pine Valley, or will she find herself alone with her hobbies?"

Geez, "boys"? I never intended anybody else to read that, let me tell you. Ugh.

Anyway, that's Abigail as she looked before all this nonsense about zombies and apocalypses and penises. Well, there were penises back then, but they weren't quite so wacky about it. She's got a lot of custom content, some of which is untouched from its original form, some of which I manipulated a bit to suit my own needs. Naturally the credit for everything but her face goes to... whoever the fuck made all that stuff, I dunno, I'm not Mother Teresa, I'll sleep fine tonight.

If you use her, I'd be happy to see pictures or at least hear about what you got up to. And if anyone else wants any of my other Sims, please, by all means, keep it to yourself. Wait, no, I mean, let me know. Sorry, this antisocial thing has a toggle switch and I keep forgetting to hit it.

Get her here, and don't issue me any complaints besides "this didn't work at all" because I'm not your mommy and it's not my problem.

P.S. Click the hurry-the-fuck-up-button instead of waiting for the download to present itself. Guess what? The download will never present itself. If you didn't know that already, get the hell off the internet, you're not cynical enough to use it.

Update: Download Victoria!

As per a request from ladystormcrow, allow me to present Victoria Bennett, the second of our three founders.

Victoria was William's mother. She died, along with her husband Neil, three times: once when Cecilia axed her, and twice when William had to kill her because Zombie Queen Melanie Lillard turned his parents into undead abominations. Good times!

Her lame bio, from before I knew this neighbourhood was gonna be balls-out crazy, reads as follows: "Victoria Bennett has always been a driven woman. She strikes a powerful image, with her ivory skin, white flowing hair and deep red eyes, and wields her forceful personality like a precision tool. Will she be Pine Valley's first success story?"

Get her here.


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Jul. 15th, 2013 04:51 am (UTC)
Yay, the downloads are back! :D I wasn't able to download Abigail before, for some reason - it's great to have her available now.

Do you think you could post Victoria as well? I really loved the lavender top she had, and I lost everything when my computer crashed a while back. I didn't want to bother you before, but if you're offering . . . ?
Jul. 16th, 2013 07:34 pm (UTC)
I think I can! In fact, I think I just did. I was confused about why anyone would want her, and then you mentioned the shirt, which made sense. It's someone else's CC, of course, but I think I coloured it that shade myself because all my generational Sims have colour-coded clothes and houses.
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