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UpTowners, Day One

Welcome to UpTowners, an ongoing neighbourhood story in The Sims 2!
Warning: this journal may contain uncensored nudity, violence, profanity and sexual themes.

Updates monthly!

I present this without comment.

Except to say that your eyes will eventually adjust.

Make of it what you will.

Funk you up!

Oh god, please forgive me.

Once upon a time, wherever this place is...

Cameron: Hmm... this is a pretty nice place!
William: How can you tell? I can't see a fucking thing.

Cameron: Yeah, it's really... bloomy around here, eh?
William: And warmy, and glowy, and fucking eldritch.

Cameron: "Fucking eldritch" might be a bit harsh for this fairy wonderland effect.

William: Says the amnesiac girl to the amnesiac guy she met at the edge of a giant blue precipice.

Cameron: Hahaha, yep! That's definitely something that happened. Before the story started.

William: Yeah, um, hey. I'm over here. If you blink really hard the blur's not so bad.

William: Man, I bet I look so sexy in this shit.

Cameron: Timle!
William: Tourneau!

Cameron: Wow, I think my eyes are adjusting. You're starting to look less like a big fleshy blob.
William: Man, I wish I could be you right now, experiencing the experience you're about to experience.

Cameron: So I take it you're pretty high on yourself, then.
William: Just about the only thing I'm sure about right now is how awesome I am!

William: I'm gonna need you to start confirming that for me in about five minutes or I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown.

William: And it all has to be true, I'll know if you're making shit up.

William: By the way, do all your bones hurt like they just got pounded into bone shapes from bone dust?
Cameron: No! But I'll definitely let you know if that starts happening. Probably by screaming.

William: I woke up on the ground, right? Maybe I fell from the sky.
Cameron: If you're about to say you fell from heaven, I'm about to leave.

William: If I can't flirt with a pretty lady, what's the point of being alive?
Cameron: I might need you to open some jars or something.

William: That's not funny.

William: No, seriously though, I'm really glad you're here. If I have to be stranded in some weird alternate dimension with no memory of my past life, I might as well do it with someone whose attractiveness is so confusing it'll give me hours of quiet contemplation to take my mind off the vast uncertainty of creation.


Cameron: I'm flattered for some reason!

Cameron: Seriously though, you think I'm attractive? I feel like reports might vary on that subject.

William: You've got a goofy face and a weird goofy face scar. That's pretty fantastic.

Cameron: ...thanks?

Cameron: Okay, but seriously, should we touch anything? Should we even be in here? What if whoever owns it comes back?
William: What if we own it?
Cameron: This must be how Christopher Columbus felt.

Cameron: And I'm not giving anyone smallpox just to live in this awesome house.

William: Oh sure, wuss out on me why don't you.

William: Anyway I say we put my dick on everything.

William: And I do mean "we."
Cameron: Your self-confidence is as reassuring as it is misplaced.

William: You're too well-spoken to argue with properly.
Cameron: So I'm a Knowledge Sim! That's two things I know about myself now!

Cameron: What's in here?
William: The only important stuff.

Cameron:'re sleeping outside.

Cameron: I mean, how do I know I can trust you? Maybe you drugged me and dragged me to your secret woodland retreat to seduce me?

Cameron: That would be pretty romantic.

William: I'm flattered that you think I can Photoshop reality like this.

William: Sorry honey, I'm just an average guy. I think.
Cameron: An average guy in a uniform, covered in medals.
William: They're not labelled! They could be kitten-saving medals for all we know.

Cameron: I didn't know medals could save kittens.

William: You trying to turn me off?

William: Anyhow, quit walking away.
Cameron: Give me a reason.

William: Impromptu dance lesson?
Cameron: A logical reason!

William: Man, I bet I could fit my entire head into one of those nostrils.


William: I'm a modern dude! I know a woman's nostrils are her own property.

Cameron: I'm trying to figure out why I don't hate you yet.

Cameron: It must be this dreamy atmosphere, it's making me swoon.

William: You sure it's not just me?
Cameron: No, I'm definitely swooning too.



William: Oh baby, you just called down the thunder.


William: I'll engrave that on your headstone.


Cameron: You're cute when you should be scary.

William: I don't even know what I look like, but I can tell that much from the inside out.

William: Hey, do you think I might be a bit conceited? Because I think that would be a really interesting character flaw to have.

Cameron: You're like an onion made of silly cheese.

Cameron: Turn around, let me see about those bones of yours.
William: You could see the bone you're pointing at instead...

Cameron: I take it you spend a lot of time thinking about sex.
William: I'm a dude. We don't need to know which dude I am to know that.

Cameron: Your muscles are all bunched up, like you're a hunchback or something.
William: I'm sure I have a perfectly sexy reason for it.

Cameron:, wow. You're really built, mister.
William: Built is right, this shit don't come natural.

Cameron: Are you gonna turn everything I say into self-aggrandizement?
William: Only if you tell me what that means!

William: Just kidding, I'm a genius too. Of course.

Cameron: I get this weird feeling like I know you from somewhere.
William: Your-

William: I know where we know each other from.
Cameron: Yeah?
William: Yeah. Come closer and I'll tell you.
Cameron: Sounds legit?

William: We met outside the house.

Cameron: You are one grade-A asshole, William.

William: That grade means a lot, coming from a school nerd.

Cameron: I don't know whether to kiss you or kill you.
William: Or hold me or thr-


William: Bitches will do anything to make the Prince stop.

Cameron: Did you just call me a bitch?
William: Why, is that a bad thing? My internal lexicon is also conveniently gone.

William: As are all my memories of that human thing we call love. Can you show me?

Cameron: I am going to hate myself for this.
William: You should hate yourself for even considering it.

Cameron: Aw MAN I probably wanted something better than this.

William: Luckily, you might never remember what.

Cameron: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Cameron: This amnesia must be progressive. I've already forgotten why I called you an asshole.

William: I'll give you some new reasons to remember soon enough.

William: 'cuz that's my style.

Cameron: Why are your pants so tight?

William: With what I've been feeling down there, I'm afraid to look.

William: Sweet, date flowers! They're worth §55 a pop!
Cameron: And now we know what Aspiration you are.

Cameron: Are you there? The bloom out here is so bad I keep expecting J.J. Abrams to show up.

Cameron: Seriously, if there's anyone out there, HELP US WITH THIS.

Cameron: ...why would anyone be out there?

William: There's a flamingo, but I really doubt he's behind it all.

Cameron: That skanky statue looks like she might be up to no good.

Cameron:, I take it all back, this shiny happy shit is amazing.
William: Don't go all anti-goth on me, that's almost as bad as real goth!

Cameron: I can guess?

Cameron: And who said you could keep touching me?
William: The quiver in your lips every time I do.

William: And your wobbly tits.

William: You seriously need a bra under there.

Cameron: He noticed my tits!

William: Alright, cards on the table here. I'd probably do you even if you weren't the last doable thing on earth.

Cameron: I'm guessing those medals weren't for poetry.

Cameron: Why can't you just say something nice if you mean something nice?
William: Because then you'd have the advantage!

William: I may not know the specifics, but they don't give out medals to dudes who let other people get the advantage.

Cameron: Wow, you're a nutbag. I should have known from the uniform.

Cameron: But noting the absence of any other sentient life here, I'm gonna go ahead and say sure, let's hold hands and play nice.

William: I dunno, those bees look pretty cunning.

Cameron: Shut up, you've already won me over.

William: As a consolation prize, you get to pick our first romantic shenanigans.

William: I should have known you'd pick something that'd muss up my uniform.

Cameron: This feels right somehow.
William: Probably because the ground brown matches your hair brown and your shirt brown and your boot brown. You're coming home.

Cameron: THERE! Did you see it?!
William: Sure!

Cameron: You don't believe me, do you?
William: Of course I do! But I almost got my hand all the way up there by making you so mad you forgot to pay attention.

Cameron: If they could bottle what you've got, I bet it would smell like used cars.

William: Used car smell! Now there's a business plan.
Cameron: It just got dark.
William: Hey, it was your stupid idea.

Cameron: No, I mean, it just got dark.
William: Huh. Well. It gets dark here! That's a thing. That's one thing.

William: What are you doing now, crazyface?

Cameron: Contemplating.

Cameron: Okay nope, it's raining now. Not jumping off a nothing cliff in the rain.

William: I'm not sure there's ever good weather for a suicidal plunge.
Cameron: Presumably we came from whatever's beyond that blue curtain.
William: And presumably if they want us back, they can damn well come get us.

William: I for one want to see what that bloom effect looks like on booze.

Cameron: Haven't you got enough to look at already?

William: Right now I do.

Cameron: What's that supposed to mean.

Cameron: Welp, here's to... us, I guess.
William: What a ringing endorsement.

Cameron: I don't even know your last name.
William: Me either.

William: I'm the hot guy you're trapped in a cabin with. While you're drinking. What more do you need to know?

Cameron: I need to know at least another glass of this before I answer.

William: I'll drink to that.

Cameron: I bet whoever I used to be didn't have an awesome house like this.

Cameron: And holy shit those eyes of yours.

William: I can only imagine.

William: I'm gonna need permission to start groping pretty soon.
Cameron: I'm glad you understand the rules.

William: Punch me if this is unwelcome!
Cameron: I take it back.

Cameron: Holy SHIT what is in those pants.

William: Whatever it is, it likes you.

Cameron: I think I'm gonna have to reciprocate.

William: What a convenient coincidence! I can show you my reciprocating engine.

Cameron: How many metaphors do you have for your penis?
William: Enough to keep me covered if I suddenly sprout ten more.

Cameron: I can't wait to tell everyone I knew you before your circus freak days.

William: Oh, you're gonna know me alright.

Cameron: So what, you were a general or something?
William: Maybe they're radio waves and I was big into HAM.
Cameron: Again though, why would you have medals for that?

William: Maybe I had a really dangerous station.

Cameron: I am going to take these puns out on your penis.

Cameron: And that will be the excuse I tell myself in the morning.

William: Oh, we'll still be going by morning.

Cameron: Fantastic, we can have breakfast in dead.

William: I'll lend you some of my stamina if you get tired.
Cameron: That had better not be a metaphor for ejaculating inside of me.

Cameron: Good fucking lord how much did I drink.

Cameron: Are we seriously doing this.
William: I'd rather humorously do it, to be honest.

Cameron: I sure hope this bed belongs to us.
William: We're about to own it, either way.

Cameron: Anything your size in there?
William: Gonna have to tug the crotches out a bit.

William: Awesome, string pants! The well-endowed man's friend.

William: Not that well-endowed men have many enemies.

William: Why do I feel like I'm wrong about that?
Cameron: I bet you get that feeling a lot.

Cameron: I found something slightly smaller than my size!
William: Which is the best size.

Cameron: Man, I've got some crazy tan lines going on here.

Cameron: I'm going to regret this so hard tomorrow.
William: No, this so hard is very unlikely to cause regrets.

Cameron: I think I can justify this on the basis of your sustained incredible wordplay.

Cameron: So. Any memories flooding back yet?
William: Blood is flooding my penis.
Cameron: Yeah, fantastic. Memories though?
William: My penis has some muscle memory it wants to show you. Does that count?

William: I'm just having trouble reconciling this metaphysical nightmare with the fact that I need to fuck you silly.

William: Maybe we already know each other, and we used to have a bunch of sex, and having a bunch more will jumpstart our memories!

Cameron: Okay, I get it, you're horny.

William: Come on baby, you know you want some of this.
Cameron: With those Maxis feet? You're disgusting.

Cameron: But fuck it, yeah, let's do this thing.

Cameron: This is like something out of a romance novel!
William: Yes, the author would definitely have left all of this out.

Cameron: Oh, wow! Hand kissing! I didn't expect that! And wow you're good with your hands.
William: My hands spend a lot of time on my penis. They've learned some tricks via osmosis.

William: Which I guess means I pee a lot.
Cameron: What?
William: Pretty sure I never need to masturbate, is all I'm sayin'.

Cameron: I really can't figure out why, but I believe you.

William: I'm a master of persuasion. I might not talk softly, but my big stick makes up for it.

William: I'm referring to my penis.
Cameron: Why would you think I wouldn't know that?
William: I just don't want you thinking I have some actual stick somewhere that you could see, because you'd be so disappointed.

Cameron: You're such a knob.


William: I've been trying to get you doing it for hours.

Cameron: ...this actually feels really familiar.
William: You can't get much more familiar than this!


Cameron: But keep playing on my everything else.

Cameron: Mmmmmmmm yeah.
William: There's nothing hotter than a smart chick struck dumb.

Cameron: Are you sniffing my hair?
William: No, I'm rubbing it on mine. Hoping to get some residual shampoo so I don't have to shower tomorrow.

William: Lifehack.

Cameron: Take me, you disgusting man-thing!

William: Oh my god! I get it! I know what I used to be!
Cameron: A penis salesman?
William: No! What? But no!

William: I was an undercover agent.

William: And I was the best.

Cameron: I'd say you still are.

Cameron: Is this real?
William: I hope not! Reality blows.

Cameron: Who knows? Maybe I do too.

Cameron: How long have you been awake?
William: Oh, for at least a few boobs.

Cameron: I don't know why your lechery is so flattering.

William: With what I'm packing downstairs, baby, any attention from me is a boon.

Cameron: I need to spend the rest of the day away from you.

Cameron: So we can spend the night together, naturally.

William: I might not be able to wait that long.

William: Unless you've got a sister or something.

Cameron: I might, because just hearing that word makes me wince.

William: Whew! That was quite the workout.
Cameron: I feel kinda embarassed.
William: What? Why?! I think I got two extra Body points out of what you did last night!

Cameron: Well, you definitely helped tone my vagina a bunch.

Cameron: That deserves pancakes.
William: If that's a-
Cameron: It's not a metaphor for anything sexual.
William: WHY NOT

William: I'll still take the pancakes though.

William: Free pancakes ain't nothin'.

Welp, there's that done for a month.

Back to Pine Valley proper next week.

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