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The Clover County Chronicles, Chapter 221

Welcome to the Clover County Chronicles, an ongoing neighbourhood story in The Sims 2!
Warning: this journal may contain uncensored nudity, violence, profanity and sexual themes.

Updates whenever I damn well please!

If the images in this chapter are broken, read it at instead!

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In which we finally escape this Groundhog Day bullshit.

Tenth update in two days whaaaat.

Are there still other families?

I haven't seen them in so long...

Stephen: Nonono, it's really classy! We're talking Vogue here! Bring your cheerleader outfit though.

Ally: Sorry I'm late, the stop sign gang tried to mug me.

Stephen: I love how portable you people are.
Ally: "You people"?
Stephen: I mean cheerleaders!

Stephen: I'll just keep pressing this until you forget the past ten minutes.

One of these things is not like the others!

One of these things is complete fucking shit.

Stephen: Wait, you have a MAID'S UNIFORM? Come back come back come baaaaack!

Stephen: Now for some pickup shots.

Where you redo the ones that didn't work out?

Stephen: No, where I use the shots to pick up chicks.

I think most of them are already pickuped up, though.

Stephen: ...I remember her as a kid.

Little awkward?

Stephen: "Little"?!

Brooke: Why don't you clone him if you like him so much.
Abigail: Because if anyone's getting cloned, it's me.

Stephen: Just so you know, most photographers make out with their models. You know, to really get a feel for them.

Sunny: Not if you had the last pair of lips on SimEarth, pal.
Stephen: I thought I was a buddy! :(

Stephen: So, when you agreed to be my sexretary-
Brooke: There was an extra syllable in there. What was it doing?
Stephen: Improving your job title?

Brooke: Dude, if you want dates, just ask for dates.

Brooke: You don't have to +1 to creepy everything you do.

What's that about?

Abigail: How to waterproof a book.

Stephen: Oh man, estrogen overload.

Abigail: I don't see what's wrong with the last shots we took.
Stephen: Neither do I, but the big dude has OCD or something.

And he doesn't even know it yet, poor bastard.

Stephen: Anyway, the more tits the merrier, I always say.

Abigail: You do! No matter how often I ask you not to.

Mrs. Crumplebottom: GIVE MOMMA A TASTE

Abigail: Minimalist huh? That's not like you.
Stephen: When your foreground is Abigail, your background doesn't really matter.

Stephen: So! What defines you as a Sim being? You have ten seconds to answer.

Sunny: I'm straight-faced and distant, but deep inside I care really deeply, I mean sometimes I can be cold, and I don't share my feelings a lot, but that's just because I want it to matter when I do, you know? I have a playful side, but sometimes I just like to slow down and get to know people. You know?

Stephen: Bam. We're done.

Stephen: Party horn and a ladle. Nailed it.

Sunny: ...

I see I was surprised enough to take a picture, but not talented enough to take a good one.

Stephen: Back of the head in the corner to indicate it's a POV shot! Nice work!

Thanks :)

I'm learning :)

Stephen: Thanks for being such a good sport.
Sunny: I still don't even know the rules to whatever sport this was.

Stephen: I prefer to just play it by tongue.

Vampires! Feared denizens of darkness! Sadistic masters of the underworld!

Stephen: May I have this dance?
Brooke: I didn't even see it there!

Brooke: Useless dance, just laying around, nobody takin' it.

Stephen: I can't get over how short you are.
Brooke: That's what she said! Slash might be about to say.

Contessa Lucy Toyonaga: Bleh!
Stephen: Right? I mean come on.

Sometimes I really don't know how you schlubs expect me to caption this shit.

Stephen: Look at them, the children of the night! What sweet sweatshirts they wear!
Contessa Lucy Toyonaga: Teeheehee! Was that Shakespeare?

Brooke: I'm sorry she was a dumb vampire.

Stephen: So mad, can't ungrit my teeth.

Stephen: Jesus Christ, every time you move I expect a piece of you to snap and break off.

Stephen: What does this hand weigh, twenty grams?
Brooke: Don't breathe in or you'll get my whole arm up your throat.

Brooke: I like jokes about how skinny I am.

Nice, cheater.

Stephen: I'm in an open relationship!

I was referring to me, using her hair to hide the fact that you're nowhere near her lips.

Stephen: It's the implication that counts!

Stephen: There's a ceiling light outside and it's driving me nuts.

Stephen: There is, like, zero fat on this head.


'cuz I'm Canadian.

Wow, some of these animations actually match up!

Looks like about half of the animators weren't lazy shits.

Brooke: I need one of those bathroom stools.

Stephen: Please stop reminding me of my children, you're a grown goddamn woman.

Brooke: I'm not the only thing that's grown!

Stephen: Yeah, it does that.


Brooke: Now tap my forehead with it! That's how this works, right?

Brooke: Ohhhhhhhh I get it.

Stephen: How long did it take you to line up that shot?

I refuse to check the timestamps.

Yep. That makes perfect sense.


Attractive scene transition photo!

Margaret: We seriously are going to escape from this hundred-hour torment, right?
Ember: For him this is just Tuesday.

Stephen: Hey ladies!
Ember: Oh thank-

Ember: -god DAMMIT

Ember: Well at least I got to come this time.

Ember: Oh god I set you up for that.

Ember: And now I'll set you up for this.

Ember: DAMN it feels good to be me.

Ember: OKAY, buddy, get a move on.



Great, now half the house is adults-only.

Kyle: Got any drain cleaner?

Margaret: I'm gonna paint all his stuff.

Stephen: How many randos are living in my house right now?
Kyle: I think we have squatter's rights at this point, actually.

Stephen: Anyway, hi Kevin.
Kyle: My name is Kyle.
Stephen: I'll name my next kid Kevin, then. That way I'll be right occasionally.

Stephen: You see, when a man gets to be my age, that means he was born on my birthday.

Kyle: Ha ha. And when a man gets to be my age, he can tell me how fucking old I am 'cuz I don't even know.

Kyle: How was your thinly-disguised romantic romp?

Stephen: So thinly-disguised.

Disguises don't get much thinner.

Stephen: My photos are so good, you'd swear they're massaging your genitals in real life.

Ember: Oh Margaret, sweetie? Make like an expensive love affair...

Ember: ...and get your own fucking house.

Margaret: I thought she was gonna seduce me for a second there.

Stephen: I have boned all your brothers' girlfriends.
Kyle: Which brother?
Stephen: Note the apostrophe placement.

Stephen: So they hate me now.

Stephen: But hey, free pussy!

Stephen: That pussy there. The one that just left. Her pussy.

Stephen: She's Stewart's wife.

Stephen: If Stewart is the green one.

Kyle: I don't know anyone past Oliver.

Stephen: I had two daughters, according to the internet.

Stephen: They turned us all into zombies and then there was a fire?

Stephen: Basically the mythology here is thicker than "Lost."


Stephen: Ooh, ooh! The police chief! Well one of them. He dates prostitutes!
Kyle: That is literally the first rule of police chiefs, dad.

Stephen: He also got the shit kicked out of him by a football biker.

Kyle: What does that even mean.

Stephen: Okay, well, you know FRIDAY?
Kyle: The fifth day of the week?

Stephen: Okay your mom built a pair of robots and then she made out with one of them!

Stephen: She made out with one of the robots.

Stephen: Yeah.

Stephen: Yeah.

Kyle: I'm glad I missed most of this.

Kyle: Wait, but... one of the robots.

Stephen: Yeah.

Stephen: There must be a landfill chock-full of these damn things by now.

What a nightmare!

That's more than enough of this masturbatory bullshit.

Stephen: Beg to differ!

Stephen: We're a case study in how to keep the magic going!
Ember: Yeah! With actual magic.
Stephen: Oh, yeah.

Stephen: The genie, right.

Stephen: Am I the only one who sees a collection of green biohazard signs?

I'm not even sure I'd want to eat on the same street as that thing.

Stephen: Get a good shot of me, it'll go on my artist profile!

Who are you talking to?

Stephen: You! Oh, on the phone? Nobody! Moron.

And then Xavier became best friends with himself.

Ember: Fuck off, so I'm a little slow in the morning, what's it to you.

Xavier: Hey mommy, why so you old.

Ember: You, mostly.

Stephen: If we're that tight, take this bag.


Wren: Aaaaaand she wins.

Wren: If you can call that winning.

Stephen: I'd like to introduce you to my kids!
Xavier: Hi!
Stephen: But they were just leaving.

Xavier: Bye, fourth mommy!
Brooke: Ew! I mean ew! I mean bye.

Brooke: He seems cool.
Stephen: Welp. Genetics.

Stephen: Speaking of which, is that your real-
Brooke: Nope.
Stephen: How did you know what feature I was gonna ask about?
Brooke: I didn't. Answer's still nope.

Ember: Do you think this is in her size?


Like, for a little bit, I mean.

There will eventually be more Stephen.

I can't help that.

Well, I CAN.

But I DON'T.

I think.

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