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The Clover County Chronicles, Chapter 263

Welcome to the Clover County Chronicles, an ongoing neighbourhood story in The Sims 2!
Warning: this journal may contain uncensored nudity, violence, profanity and sexual themes.

Updates whenever I damn well please!

If the images in this chapter are broken, read it at instead!

The next chapter has been my goalpost for ages.

This one is fine too.

Popo ho!

New look, Annie?

Annie: People just look right through me!

Theresa: Happy bitch in jail day, everybody!

Jane: Hmm. Speaking of bitches...

Nerissa: You wanna explain why you were holding this dangerous criminal in a civilian location?!
Theresa: Not really!

Nerissa: I've about had it with the Governor's interference!
Theresa: In real life you'd be so right. Unfortunately, he is the main character...

Nerissa: So, what? You just expect me to roll over and take this abuse?
Theresa: Naw. You're a cop. Just go and pass that abuse on to the next vulnerable minority person you see.

Nerissa: Don't think that I won't.

Nerissa: So, Brooke's...
Aurora: Showering in the prisoner shower. Again. Yeah.

Jane: Look, Chief Cwik (2 of 2). I'm sorry if you feel you've been mistreated.
Nerissa: How am I TWO of TWO? Are you seriously counting Victor ahead of me?!
Jane: Hey, I didn't specifically say that just to piss you off! That would be mean.

Aurora: Name?
Brandi: Brandi Bertino. I think I'm 2 of 2 as well.

Aurora: What're you in for?
Brandi: Oh, something stupid. High treason, maybe?

Brandi: Apparently it's illegal to intentionally get turned into a zombie during a zombie apocalypse.

Brandi: Ridiculous, am I right?

Nerissa: I'm mad at all you guys.

Jane: Should we lock a zombie in there with you? For old times' sake?

Nerissa: Hey! Raise those walls up! The staircase footing isn't visible!

Nerissa: That's better.

And then Theresa lost her mind.

Ricky: Those staircase footings are a real bitch.

Ain't they?

Theresa: Hahaha no, I'll have to shoot you.

And then Jeremy got run over.

Nope! You're dead!

Nobody cares, dead guy!

Theresa: I'm sorry you died, Jeremy.

Everything about this picture makes sense.

Victor: Okay, hear me out. What if... we let them all out, see, and then play Manhunt with them?
Ricky: With our guns, though?
Victor: Oh, yeah! Definitely! Definitely with our guns.

I knew you were an agent of ENTROPY!

Brandi: Great detective work, narrator!

Brandi: I miss the apocalypse.

Ricky: Ah! It touched your foot! That's cheating.

I have no desire to see this thought in detail.

I'm pretty sure this is what police stations are actually like.

Nerissa: Well hello there, hubby.
Victor: I'm busy, Nerissa. Go cheat on me or something.

Victor: Chose "or something," did you? Typical.

Whatcha readin'?

Vicki: History. Did you know? They named the entire first storyline after me!


"Serial Adultery."

I just can't.

Brooke: JOIN US.

Nerissa: All the cool kids stay after work!

Nerissa: Nobody wants to be cool with me?

Nerissa: Haven't you already been shot? Like... twice?
Nicholas: Can't keep a good undead dead!

Nerissa: What about the lousy ones?

Nerissa: Not my shift, not my problem!

Cameron: His name is Nicholas King.


Cameron: And he's a zombie.


Cameron: The Zombie-


Remember that time you cheated on Andrew with William?

Brandi: Little secret: everyone is automatically in a relationship with William. Seeing anyone else, now, that's the cheating.

Do you know something about Instant Meals that I don't?

If you do, please don't tell me.

Jessie: Anything neat happening in there?
Sean: Braaaaaaaaiiinnsss.
Jessie: Not interested. Boobs?

Brandi: I want to look my best for the court artist.

We don't have court artists.

Brandi: Then I want to look my best for THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING.

It's a miracle! The zombie townie turned into a live playable!

Kyle: What?

And he even changed his name!

Yeah! How dare he!

Whatever he did.

Enjoying the prison food?

Vicki: No, I'm just really chuffed about hats.

Jessie: If I touch you, will it turn me gay?

Vicki: Another rewarding day.

Some people are having fun with it.

Brandi: Better than not having a toilet at all!

Who's the dude?

Joshua: Just let it happen.

Think it's your day today?

Brandi: I don't think it's ever been my day.

♪ Oh when the cops... oh when the cops... ♪

♪ Oh when the cops come marching in! ♪

Nerissa: Oh lord.

Vicki: I should do some underwear modelling. You know. While I wait.


You'd make a killing!

Vicki: Ha ha.

How's Poseidon doing without his Hand, you think?

Cameron: Probably exercising his real hand. If you get my current.

I'm glad you're happy.

Brandi: I'm not happy. I have big lips.

Her scars aren't visible at a distance. Here's a good look at them.

Cameron: Cool! Can we not?

Ember: I know there's cages, but does this have to be such a zoo?
Nick: Hey! Zombies have rights too!
Ember: No! They don't!

Gee, am I ever going to miss this place.

Thank god for OCD, or I wouldn't have saved.

I see Nick had a productive night.

♪ Where are the clowns? ♪

♪ Send in the clowns ♪

Nerissa: Right! Good! Why's that dude in here.

Nerissa: Go home Nicholas you're drunk. I mean zombie.

Nicholas: I've about had it up to here with your speciesism.

Underwear party!

Vicki: You gonna join in?

Nobody wants that.

Next time: oh, nothing too important.


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