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University in The Sims 2...


I am so tired of it! So here's the story: you're a baby until you're three years old. You're a toddler until you're seven. You're a child until you're fifteen. You're a teen until you're thirty. Huh? What? Okay, never mind, moving on. You're at university until you're fifty-four. You're an adult until you're eighty-two. You're an elder until you die, which will be between ages ninety-one and one-hundred and thirteen.

See anything wrong with this? Besides the fact that the teen age is too long, because that makes sense - it used to transition right to adulthood, without the young adult age, so it made sense that it lasted until you were thirty. But...

Can someone please explain to me why it takes twenty-four years (at least!) to get a college or university degree? I'm playing my neighbourhood in a cycle, one year each then repeat. That means I play all of my Pine Valley households for half an hour, and then all of my MNU households for THREE HOURS. Two semesters, three days each. What a crock of bullshit! I realize they wanted to make their first expansion immediately noticeable in the game, but I think it's possible you guys went just a teensy goddamn bit too FAR...

I'm thinking about what I might do to amend my rules. One possibility is eliminating the second semester of each year, cutting university time down by half. I could also shorten both semesters but play them all... the problem with THAT is that it would leave no time at all to socialize, or even EAT AND SLEEP, because my Sims would have to be madly raising their GPA to meet the exam deadline. I don't want to have them just meditate through University to speed it up, either, because some of my Sims can't meditate.

Playing it as it stands is no longer an option. I have a LOT of fun playing this game, but University isn't fun at all anymore. It's a fucking CHORE.


(P.S. Chapter Twenty-Two A is up, and Twenty-Two B will be up as well within a few days.)

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