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Good Riddance to Bad Hosting

Photobucket, which is crap, has decided that third-party image hosting is worth five hundred bucks per year. So fuck 'em. I'll be moving all the now-non-functional images to my own webspace, and saying goodbye to a service that was never worth what I paid for it - even when it was free. It'll take some time, mind you.

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Jul. 29th, 2017 02:15 am (UTC)
I would have been willing to pay a little (I've only done the free thing, though I HAVE bought prints from them before so it's not like they never got a dime from me), but the amount they want for something that used to be free? That's crazy. I can live without it... I have a lot of space to upload things on LJ and that's mostly all I use it for -- icons. Photobucket's just gotten more and more annoying... I hope another similar site pops up looking to take its place.

Do you have to swap out alllllllllllllll your pics on here? Cuz... whoa nelly, we might never see you again?!
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