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I've been making superheroes for my Sims game as part of a Generation 3 storyline. I wanted to share one of them because... I wanted to.

Among quite a few of my own creations, mostly inspired by ridiculous punnery (e.g. Climate Changer and Doctor Away), several are direct parodies of existing superheroes. The most easily parodied was DC's Power Girl, best known for having had her breasts progressively inflated during her early appearances and for having, instead of a logo, a goddamn tits window.

In recent years (decades), however, Power Girl's writers and artists have been able to make her a strong and interesting character in her own right whilst playing around quite cleverly with her absurd male-gazedness. She's often used to call characters out for the kind of immaturity that her creators suffered from.

DC insists that Wonder Woman is their third most popular hero, and their best female lead, but don't believe them. Power Girl all the way! Unlike Wonder Woman she wasn't created as one man's BDSM fantasy. (I'm serious. Look it up.)

With that out of the way, here's my unnecessary parody of something that already parodies itself:

Lydia Love, better known by the alias Lover Girl!

Lover Girl: Eyes up, folks.

She claims that she used to be the sister of Captain Hero, back before some reality-altering catastrophe that apparently only she remembers.

Lover Girl: Comics are dumb!

These days she's a proud member of the Positivity Patrol, the SimNation's premier superhero gang, alongside such immortals as Immaterial Girl and Man Scout (he's always prepared).

Lover Girl: "Have a Super Day!"

Her superpowers are outrageous strength, near-invincibility, and flight. None of her powers are love-related; it's just that nobody else was confident enough to use a heart, or their chest, as a logo.

Lover Girl: Plus it's fun watching people try not to look.

Lydia is actually an existing Sim in my game, she's just been retconned into Lover Girl because no comic book parody would be complete without a retcon or two.

Lover Girl: Thank you for playing dice with my universe.

The uniform texture, such as it is, is mine. You can tell by how basic it is.

Lover Girl: Don't call me basic, bitch!

The cape is from

Lover Girl: Can't pose awesomely without it!

I figured I might as well share her 'cuz we're probably never getting to this storyline.

Lover Girl: Sounds like somebody needs a motivational beating.

Deconstructing sexual attitudes in print media should always be this fun.

P.S. This is how you draw a heart on a chest like that:

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